Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I suck at blogging

I suck.

I know I do.

No excuses--I just suck.

But I'm here now. So, hello, and happy 2013!

Hope you guys are all well. We are fine, trucking along happily. We are still homeless (kind of) as the house won't be finished for another month or two, but we are doing fine in our tiny little apartment. The thing I miss most is having a kitchen. I never thought I'd be aching to cook a proper dinner on an actual stove, but here I am, doing just that. Pining for a kitchen. It's truly a sad thing.

The kiddos are well. Sissy is back at school as of Monday. Having to get up early has been a bit of a shock to her system--she had gotten used to the sleeping in bit of the holidays pretty quickly. The boys are fabulous.  My Christian has been rocking his therapy sessions and is doing so well. I am immensely proud of him, and grateful to his therapists. Miss Juliana and Miss Lynda--you ladies rock! Daniel is amazing. Because he is with Christian for Kindergarten every day and so gets 2/1 attention, he has picked up on everything, and despite being 4, he is way ahead of where he would be for pre-k. Miss Becky, you rock for helping my boys every day, and loving them so much.

I have been bad about writing all round this holiday season. With two trips to Africa (hi guys--it was amazing to see you and I miss you all) and the general rush of the holidays and prepping for a big trial, the writing was sadly minimal. Yes--again, I agree, I suck.

But I'm back at it (and not just in this blog post), to the great joy of my writing partner (Hi Margaret, and sorry that I suck so much.)  :-)

And now, I must go write, so I can suck less.
Happy new year guys!