Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Anyone up for Another BlogFest? I am!

Okay, so first there was the Kiss Blogfest. Then the No Kiss Blogfest.
I missed the first *sigh,* but made it for the second. I've gotta tell you--it was really fun! So fun, in fact, that my wonderful critique partners and me were mourning the loss of the great blogfest excitement.

When--wait for it--someone (who shall remain unnamed because I can't remember which of my amazingly insightful critique partners it was) had a wonderful thought. "What about a love at first sight blogfest?" she asked. Now, I don't like to brag (much, that is) but we know a fantastically amazing idea when we see one float scroll the screen. And so ((DRUMROLL....)) The Love At First Sight Blogfest was born.

Our Critique Group gets the credit for hosting, but Courtney has offered to to do all the actual work, (Thanks Courtney!) so if you're interested, visit her blog at http://courtneyreese86.blogspot.com/ and sign up to post your love at first sight scene. If you don't have a love at first sight scene, you can post the scene where your characters first realize they love each other. Ah, the love...

The blogfest will kick off on Valentine's day. Come on by and join the fun. You won't be sorry.


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