Friday, March 5, 2010

Craft Classes

Today I wanted to talk about craft classes briefly.
I take at least one a month, and often more. They have really helped my writing, and have helped me make intelligent (I hope) choices in the way I approach plot, scene structure and POV choices.
Have you ever taken a craft class, either online or in person? Did it make a difference in your writing? Do you have any MUST TAKE classes that you'd recommend?


  1. Hi Merissa!
    I have never taken a formal craft class online. On RWA PRO loop they've run some informal classes and I did part of Amy's test class on GIAMx4. But I'm gearing up for a few come spring.

  2. oooh--
    I loved Amy's contest class--it was so helpful!
    I'm excited for the grammar one as well--its just now beginning...