Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So my youngest kiddo is three. And being three, he says a lot of things I think are funny, athough he often misses the joke.

For instance--he is very into super heroes right now. Super man, batman, spider man; these are Gods to my child. He worships them, along with the Super Why cast, and my husband (who he has also decided is a super hero because he fights bad guys and puts them in grown up time out--aka jail.)

I, of course, do the exact same thing as hubby, but am not classified in the super hero category, for reasons I haven't yet figured out.

Perhaps mommys are separate and apart from the rules that otherwise govern the classisfication of superheros. Or it could be that he's penalizing me for snorting with laughter every time he brings up his favorite subject--super heros.

I'd be sadder about this, except for one small factor.

The kid cannot say super.

So...Spiderman, Batman and hubby are all--wait for it--stupor heros.


Not in my household. Thats right--we have Stupor man.
This probably shouldn't bring me joy. But it's just so funny. Every time I hear him say Stupor man, this is what I see:

Stupor man...missing criminal acts everywhere.


He'd rescue folks--if he weren't in such a stupor.

Okay, I know I'm juvenile. But it cracks me up!

I think I'm good with not being a stupor hero. I'm addicted to caffine already. Who knows what I'd need to get me going if I was classified as stupor woman....


  1. Ha! I posted a little while back that I am Captain Oblivious!

    Your boy and I would get along great.

    My bro and I, when we were about his age, were Batman and Robert.

    Quick, Robert, to the Bat Mobile!

    We were also Tarzan and Cheater. He was Cheater.

    My son's middle name, self-proclaimed, is Darth Vader.

    Me, I'm still Captain Oblivious, got my own cape and everything.

    - Eric

  2. I saw that post!! It was fun.
    Who do you think'd win in a fight--Captain Oblivious or Stupor Man?