Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Back...

Hi guys! I'm back!
So if you look back at the various posts I made previously, you'll see that its been forever since I posted. I fell into the social media trap you see. I took on so much at once, on top of my demanding home life, and I burned out. Something had to go, so I stopped blogging and slowed way down on everything else, at least until I could get a handle on my life.

But now I'm back. And I'm excited to be back.
So, I guess an update is in order.

I closed my legal practice, and went back to being a prosecutor. Its far less lucrative, but so much more fulfilling. It was a good move for me.Speaking of moves--we moved our family to the Texas/Mexico border for said prosecution positions. Hubby and I are both prosecuting felony crimes on the border. It's good and important work, and we're happy to be able to do it.

The kiddos have settled, and are doing fabulously. My middle kid (who is now four) is on the autism spectrum--super smart, but with many of the behavioral, sensory and processing tics that come with being on the spectrum. For whatever reason, he has progressed amazingly since our move. It's been wonderful to watch him, and I've gone from being terrifed for his future to knowing he's going to be okay. I can't express the joy that brings to my life.

Writing wise, I have been working, but slowly, slowly, slowly. I've taken some wonderful classes (Larry Brooks Story Structure class is fabulous if anyone is looking for a class to take and can't decide.) I've been in the planning stage of a new urban fantasy series and am getting really excited about starting the actual writing soon.

My first few stories I was a pantser with, but I have had so much fixing to do by the end that I was desperate for a new way to do things. So the story structure class has been invaluable in helping me plan a lot more with this next set. I'm also in the process of going back to my previous efforts and looking at the structure and how I can use what I've learned to fix the deficiencies in those stories. So, I have a lot of work to do. I'm going to try to blog at least once a week, and will let you guys know how the restructuring of my already written manuscript goes.

Have any of you tries to completely restructure a  completed manuscript to fix structural issues? How did it go? How long did it take? And were you happy with the results?

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