Monday, June 27, 2011

When there isn't much to say:

So here I sit, trying to decide what to blog about.

There's the mini family reunion I just went to this weekend. (Fabulous, but uninteresting for those of you not acquainted with our ummm--quirky? family.) So, no.

There's the simmering rant about (certain) cops who persist in send half ass (ie: lets not bother to actually show that we meet the elements of the FELONY offense we're arresting folks for before we send it to the DA's office) reports that I've been wading through today. Seriously people, your reports have to meet the elements of the offense before we can/will indict.

But no, I don't think I want to blog about that. Talk about a foolproof way to get stopped and ticketed for every traffic violation I might commit in the next year. Cops
(Not my photo--thanks to for the pic.)

But guys, seriously, if you're a cop who writes crappy reports--they're important. They reflect on you, your department and what we (prosecutors) think of you, your department, and most importantly, your case.

I know the chase is the fun stuff, but without a proper report, your prosecutors are going to drop your cases. And if they do take them to trial, they're gonna lose, because the defense is going to use your crappy report to make you look like an absolute idiot. No jury will convict on your say-so once that happens. So just write the damn report right.

And also, before the haters strike, I don't hate cops in general. My hubby's a cop--but he writes wonderful reports and puts the toilet seat back down so he escapes my wrath. SO there.
French Bulldog Raspberry
Kidding. Just kidding guys.

So, what about writing? Well--I haven't done much this week. I did do some structure evaluation on my manuscript that I have been trying to save from mediocrity. (Yes, much like Charlie Sheen, so far mediocrity is winning.)

It was helpful, until my four year old found the papers I was mapping said structure on and ripped them to shreds. I think he may have chewed on the shredded stuff, judging from the leftover mess. (I'll spare the blogosphere that picture. Yes, you may thank me for that.)

So I'll be re-mapping the structure this week. I hope to have it done before next Friday. Yes, that is an arbitrary deadline pulled stright out of the air. Still, a girl's gotta have deadlines...

I guess what I really want to say is: It's Monday folks. Hang in there--Friday will be here if we just hang on.
I hope.

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